Scrum Beginnings (Part 1): Where Do I Even Begin?

Lightbulb on a tiny blackboard

Where do I even begin with Agile Scrum?

Would you know what to do if you had to lead a Scrum team tomorrow? Could you step in and help guide that team or organization to an agile transformation? Would you know where to even begin? After reflecting on the countless interviews I participated in when looking for new Scrum Masters for our organization, and also all of the people that I had taken the certification course with many years before, I realized that nearly everyone of these people had never actually had “hands on” experience being a Scrum Master. Rather, they were making a transition from a different role and were hoping to step into a brand new world of being a Scrum Master.

My Scrum promise to you!

It occurred to me that many of them would eventually fall into the role and probably have no idea where to even begin. They may have their technical knowledge from all the books and courses that they may have taken, but they would have no real world references to help guide them. I began to contemplate this problem and decided to outline how I might approach this situation if I were to leave my current company and start all over again somewhere new.

I want to be a realistic and transparent source of truth for that person who just got their CSM and is looking for their first role as a Scrum Master. I want to help that PMP who is now transitioning from the waterfall world to the agile world. I especially want to be that flame to ignite a curiosity in any student or business professional that is searching for a career path or a career change!

Why should you follow me?

For the last few years, I have worked in the trenches with many great Scrum teams at top technology firms and have seen firsthand how amazing and powerful Scrum can be when utilized correctly. I have watched my organization start from humble Scrum beginnings to become an efficient scaled agile shop!

I want to share with you the successes, the failures and everything in between. I’ll tell you how we use Scrum in our organization and help fill in the gaps where Scrum books often go blank. After reading my blog posts, I feel comfortable that you would be able to walk into any organization with the confidence to know that you could make a difference! You could use my experiences and knowledge to immediately start implementing Scrum.

What topics will I write about on this site?

  • Your first steps as an agile Scrum Master
  • Best practices for each of the ceremonies
  • Traits and behaviors necessary to be a great Scrum Master
  • Examples of my daily schedule
  • Scrum Pitfalls
  • Unique approaches and solutions to common problems
  • Overlooked aspects of making a great Scrum team
  • Scrum Fundamentals
  • How to scale your Scrum organization
  • Scrum Master interview questions
  • Common Scrum Tools
  • Everything that you need to transcend the traditional Scrum Master role and become a great leader

If this description sounds enticing, stay aboard for this fun and crazy journey as we deconstruct everything Scrum related. Without any further ado, let’s start from the beginning at our first day of work!


In the meantime, if you would like to read my short eBook about what I do on a daily basis, check it out here!


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