Agile Army Scrum Beginnings

A few years back, I had the opportunity to learn Scrum under an amazing Agile coach. During that time, I watched, observed, experimented and improved our implementation of Scrum. Through my experiences, I have gained an invaluable understanding of what works and what doesn’t work when going through an agile transformation.

I recently began noticing a recurring gap with many Scrum professionals who were interviewing to become Scrum Masters and those who had just become CSM certified, but had not held a Scrum Master role yet. Despite them having some theory on how to implement Scrum, many, if not all, had never had any practical experience or real world experience of how to actually start an agile transformation. I decided to make it my goal to share my experiences of exactly how we do Scrum at my large technology company.

I started with the question “If I had to start a new job as a Scrum Master tomorrow at a new company, where would I begin? How would I do it?” This blog helps me to break down my thought process and workflow as if I were starting fresh!

I hope you find this information valuable and use it to help your own career and the teams that you work with.

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